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Integrations with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers various Apps and Add-ons for Productivity and Collaboration that will improve your efficiency while working with sales leads, prospects and customers. There are a set of integrations for normal Google account users and also Google Apps users, some integrations with Zoho products such as the Zoho Mail, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho Projects. Additionally, there are some integrations with Third-Party software such as Social Integration and Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. These integrations are categorized under three headings:

Zoho Integrations

Get your important activities done in a single platform. Track your email conversations with Zoho Mail Add-on, plan & execute email campaigns with Zoho Campaigns Integration in Zoho CRM. Learn More

Google Integrations

Google Account users and Google Apps Account users can use the various features provided in this integration to collaborate, communicate and share information easily.
Zoho CRM for Google Account Users | Zoho CRM for Google Apps Account Users | Zoho CRM for Google Ads

Other Integrations

Gain benefits with some of the other third-party integrations such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, etc. Learn More

Website Integration

Use web forms, auto response rules and unsubscribe forms to gather data online and build a multi-channel communication to improve business.
Web Forms | Auto Response Rules | Unsubscribe Form

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